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Building your application locally

To build your application locally (for local testing), run this in any directory:

cartridge build [PATH] [flags]

--spec Path to a custom .rockspec file that you want use for the current build.

If you run cartridge build without the --spec flag, your application directory must contain a .rockspec. The file is already in that directory if you created your app from the default template.

build also supports global flags. The --quiet flag is particularly convenient when building an application.

The command requires one argument—the path to your application directory (that is, to the build source). The default path is . (current directory).

cartridge build runs:

  1. ./cartridge.pre-build (if this file exists in the application root directory)
  2. tarantoolctl rocks make

During step 2—the key step here—cartridge installs all dependencies specified in the .rockspec file.

If your application depends on closed-source rocks, or if the build should contain rocks from a project added as a submodule, install all these dependencies before calling tarantoolctl rocks make. You can do so using a special file, cartridge.pre-build, which has to be located in your application directory. If you created your application from template, the directory already contains the file.

In cartridge.pre-build, specify all the rocks to build from submodules. For example, add the following line:

tarantoolctl rocks make --chdir ./third_party/proj

To learn more, read about pre-build and post-build scripts.

The fully built application will appear in the .rocks directory. You can start it locally from your application directory.

Instead of using the pre-build script, you can define the build logic by including cmake commands in your .rockspec, like we do it in Cartridge.