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go-tarantool is the official Go connector for Tarantool. It is not supplied as part of the Tarantool repository and should be installed separately. For a quick start with go-tarantool, refer to this guide: Connecting from Go.

There are also the following community-driven Go connectors:

The table below contains a feature comparison for the connectors mentioned above.

Last update: January 2023

  tarantool/go-tarantool viciious/go-tarantool FZambia/tarantool
License BSD 2-Clause MIT BSD 2-Clause
Last update 2023 2022 2022
Documentation README with examples and up-to-date GoDoc README with examples, code comments README with examples
Testing / CI / CD GitHub Actions Travis CI GitHub Actions
GitHub Stars 147 45 14
Static analysis golangci-lint, luacheck golint golangci-lint
Packaging go get go get go get
Code coverage Yes No No
msgpack driver vmihailenco/msgpack/v2 or vmihailenco/msgpack/v5 tinylib/msgp vmihailenco/msgpack/v5
Async work Yes Yes Yes
Schema reload Yes (manual pull) Yes (manual pull) Yes (manual pull)
Space / index names Yes Yes Yes
Tuples as structures Yes (structure and marshall functions must be predefined in Go code) No Yes (structure and marshall functions must be predefined in Go code)
Access tuple fields by names Only if marshalled to structure No Only if marshalled to structure
SQL support Yes No (#18, closed) No
Interactive transactions Yes No No
Varbinary support Yes (with in-built language tools) Yes (with in-built language tools) Yes (decodes to string by default, see #6)
UUID support Yes No No
Decimal support Yes No No
EXT_ERROR support Yes No No
Datetime support Yes No No
box.session.push() responses Yes No (#21) Yes
Session settings Yes No No
Graceful shutdown Yes No No
IPROTO_ID (feature discovering) Yes No No
tarantool/crud support No No No
Connection pool Yes (round-robin failover, no balancing) No No
Transparent reconnecting Yes (see comments in #129) No (handle reconnects explicitly, refer to #11) Yes (see comments in #7)
Transparent request retrying No No No
Watchers Yes No No
Pagination Yes No No
Language features context context context
Miscellaneous Supports tarantool/queue API Can mimic a Tarantool instance (also as replica). Provides instrumentation for reading snapshot and xlog files via snapio module. Implements unpacking of query structs if you want to implement your own iproto proxy API is experimental and breaking changes may happen
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