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Module error

enum box_error_code

For a complete list of errors, refer to the Tarantool error code header file.

type box_error_t

Error – contains information about error.

const char *box_error_type(const box_error_t *error)

Return the error type, e.g. “ClientError”, “SocketError”, etc.


not-null string

uint32_t box_error_code(const box_error_t *error)

Return IPROTO error code



const char *box_error_message(const box_error_t *error)

Return the error message


not-null string

box_error_t *box_error_last(void)

Get the information about the last API call error.

The Tarantool error handling works most like libc’s errno. All API calls return -1 or NULL in the event of error. An internal pointer to box_error_t type is set by API functions to indicate what went wrong. This value is only significant if API call failed (returned -1 or NULL).

Successful function can also touch the last error in some cases. You don’t have to clear the last error before calling API functions. The returned object is valid only until next call to any API function.

You must set the last error using box_error_set() in your stored C procedures if you want to return a custom error message. You can re-throw the last API error to IPROTO client by keeping the current value and returning -1 to Tarantool from your stored procedure.

Returns:last error
void box_error_clear(void)

Clear the last error.

int box_error_set(const char *file, unsigned line, uint32_t code, const char *format, ...)

Set the last error.

  • file (const char*) –
  • line (unsigned) –
  • code (uint32_t) – IPROTO error code
  • format (const char*) –
  • ... – format arguments

See also: IPROTO error code

box_error_raise(code, format, ...)

A backward-compatible API define.

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