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Manipulating Tarantool core dumps

$ tt coredump COMMAND [COMMAND_OPTION ...]

tt coredump provides commands for manipulating Tarantool core dumps.

To be able to investigate Tarantool crashes, make sure that core dumps are enabled on the host. Here is the instruction on enabling core dumps on Unix systems.


tt coredump does not support macOS.

$ tt coredump pack COREDUMP_FILE

Pack a Tarantool core dump and supporting data into a tar.gz archive. It includes:

  • the Tarantool executable
  • Tarantool version information
  • OS information
  • Shared libraries

Option: a path to a core dump file.

$ tt coredump unpack ARCHIVE

Unpack a Tarantool core dump created with tt coredump pack into a new directory.

Option: a path to a tar.gz archive packed by tt coredump pack.

$ tt coredump inspect DIRECTORY

Inspect a Tarantool core dump directory with the GNU debugger (gdb) The directory being inspected must have the same structure as the core dump archive created by tt coredump pack.


tt coredump inspect requires gdb installed on the host.

Option: a path to a directory with an unpacked core dump archive.

  • Pack a tar.gz file with a Tarantool core dump and supporting data:

    $ tt coredump pack name.core
  • Unpack a tar.gz archive packed by tt coredump pack:

    $ tt coredump unpack tarantool-core-dump.tar.gz
  • Inspect the unpacked core dump with gdb:

    $ tt coredump inspect tarantool-core-dump
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