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Installing Tarantool software

tt install PROGRAM_NAME[=version] [flags]

tt install installs the latest or an explicitly specified version of Tarantool or tt. The possible values of PROGRAM_NAME are:

  • tarantool
  • tarantool-ee
  • tt


For tarantool-ee, account credentials are required. Specify them in a file (see the ee section of the configuration file) or provide them interactively.



Skip dependency check before installation
--local-repo Install a program from the local repository, which is specified in the repo section of the tt configuration file
--no-clean Don’t delete temporary files
--reinstall Reinstall a previously installed program
--use-docker Build Tarantool in an Ubuntu 16.04 Docker container

When called without an explicitly specified version, tt install installs the latest available version. To check versions available for installation, use tt search.

By default, available versions of Tarantool CE and tt are taken from their git repositories. Their installation includes building from sources, which requires some tools and dependencies, such as a C compiler. Make sure they are available in the system.

Tarantool EE is installed from prebuilt packages.

You can also set up a local repository with installation files you need. To use it, specify its location in the repo section of the tt configuration file and run tt install with the --local-repo flag.

To uninstall a Tarantool or tt version, use tt uninstall.

  • Install the latest available version of Tarantool:

    tt install tarantool
  • Install Tarantool 2.10.5 from the local repository:

    tt install tarantool=2.10.5 --local-repo
  • Reinstall Tarantool 2.10.5:

    tt install tarantool=2.10.5 --reinstall
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